Well, it's been a few months since I wrote anything on my blog... That proves it's been a loooong last few months! The Corona-virus hit and all Hell broke loose! I'm so sad to see that so many have lost their lives to this horrible virus and even more have permanent damage, but thank God there are more that survived than passed.

John and I are safely secluded up here at 6200 plus feet in our private Paradise! We are so blessed to live in an area that provides so much seclusion. It was really no change for us during the lockdown. We went to the store when we needed but really, with all of our wild game, we could go a month and not have to go to the store. The one huge negative to this is of course, not seeing our kids, extended families and friends. It's been so hard but like everyone else; we know this will end soon. I pray that this things doesn't come back with a force though.

I have been presented with some amazing opportunities to take some "money shot" pictures over the last couple of months. As the snow has melted and spring starts to SPRING; everything just gets prettier and prettier. I try to update my webiste as much as possible when I get those "money shots" and as of today, I am fully up to date! I am going to add some number tabs to each picture so that when someone goes on my website to pick out something, all they need to do is email me to tell me the number and size they want. Right now, I still don't have it set up to take direct orders since I myself format every picture to look its best since my site isn't set up to just order randoms. It'd be a disaster trying to set it up for the million different sizes people might potentially want! D-ZASTER!

For now, I'll stick to the old school-hands on approach so I know the pictures will look their best!

During the last two months I've worked HOURS AND HOURS on my other new website; I've integrated my pictures with a few products like coffee mugs, T-shirts, custom designed hats and anything else I feel like doing! It was a long time coming ... I've been designing custom logos and such for years but last fall decided to really make it something REAL.... I am so proud of how the products are turning out and I'm still getting inventory in!! Between my pix and now the hat, etc biz, I am so busy..... I appreciate the reception I've gotten and know that I put out a great product! Check it out and hopefully you too can find something else you like between both sites!!

I'm going to do much better at blogging more regularly. I think it helps clear our minds to write!!

I hope this message finds you healthy and happy and able to start getting back to life as we knew it....

God Bless!!

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